The team behind MUVA

The team behind MUVA have been transport operators for decades and there’s not much about the industry we don’t know.  We know how annoying it can be for a passenger if their transport fails to show and the frustrations that transport operators face when they can’t get a fare for the return journey of a trip.

We love our customers

We know that everyone wants to do the right thing but that sometimes stuff just happens and things go a bit awry.  Maybe the transport operator has a break down and can’t get to the booking – or maybe they can’t take the booking in the first place because they’re already booked out, leaving their passenger without transport.  Often the passenger wants to get in touch with the booking service but can’t get any support.

These are all common issues in the people moving business and one thing that we realised was missing across the industry was a high level of support – for both passengers and operators.

We don’t hide behind our online presence

Because MUVA aggregates passenger travel requirements, our transport operators get access to more people and more fares.  And more importantly, our passengers get a great price deal as well as access to a 24/7 support center so they’ll never be left high and dry.  We don’t hide behind our online presence – any time you need to talk to us, we’re here to help.