Groups & events, big or small

VIP transportation

For meetings and events, whether big or small, MUVA is your one-stop shop for group and VIP transportation.

Got a whole group who need transport?

There’s no need for everyone to book their own ride – our shuttle buses and coaches are perfect for larger groups.  Just let us know where you’re going and how many of you need to get there and we’ll take care of the rest.

Group transport can be costly and unreliable especially if you are looking at a taxi service or self-drive. Consider MUVA for Group Transport Hire for your event. Safe, reliable and cost effective, chartering a bus or mini bus (or multiple vehicles including budget and luxury sedans)  could be the solution for your group transport.

Have a birthday, wedding, bucks / hens night or a formal to go too? Then book with MUVA now.

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